Widex Clear Hearing Aid – A Personal Review

Updated November 4, 2016 – I’m be glad to offer a glowing testimonial of my new Widex hearing aids Clear hearing aids since their performance is phenomenal compared to whatever preceded it but first there seems to be confusion as to which hearing aids I actually purchased. My audiologist Bonnie Rubin tells me I do not have the Fusion since the Fusion is only available in the mini and does not have a receiver in the ear. However, from my calls to Widex hearing aids in LIC I do indeed have the Fusion. I do have aids with a receiver in the ear. My curiosity reason is that I wished to know if my aids had ClearBand which Bonnie tells me I don’t have but if I have the Fusion, the Fusion comes with it. In any case, my model # is C4FSBR, serial #032731 and #038472. The C4-FS does not have ClearBand. My comments would apply to the correct designation of my aids. Please tell me what I have. In any case, I have mild to moderate hearing loss that is partly genetic and partly occupational I assume since as a dentist air turbine drills that I use are known to impair high-frequency Hz. I am 69 years old and my loss has been fairly constant the last 5 years or so. My first hearing aids were in approximately in 2000. I purchased a partly digital aid then from Resound hearing aids. My next hearing aid was purchased in 2004 and was the Widex Diva and was an in the ear model. They were an improvement but my ears itched a lot and my ability to specialize sounds was limited. The person I was seeing at the time urged me to try in 2007 a Starkey – Destiny 1200 which I was unhappy with and returned shortly thereafter. These 2 aids were acquired at Community hearing in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. I then went to see Bonnie and purchased the Widex Inteo IN9E I believe serial #s 1183l73 and118331 which were a behind-the-ear model and were much more comfortable and produced a much more natural sound. My next aids were the Widex Mind 440 Micro behind the ear which were my mom’s aids retuned for my hearing loss since she passed away 2 years ago. During the short time she had them it was a pleasure communicating with her. Nevertheless, I felt these aids were only a slight improvement over the Inteo’s notably in headroom for music and locating sound direction. However, they were no better in crowded environments where speech discrimination was still difficult. These new aids whatever they are have finally allowed me to converse in noisy environments. I hear a more complete sound stage and in greater fidelity. I can make these statements comfortably since I have regularly done A-B comparisons with my Mind 440s. They are a quantum leap in performance over whatever preceded them. Thank you Widex.


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