Vivatone Hearing Aids Reviews 2017

vivatone hearing aids reviews

UPDATED November 2, 2016 – Vivatone Hearing Aids Reviews provides consumers with a comprehensive comparison of Vivatone models. Vivatone Hearing Aids set out to create a line of high-quality hearing aids. Solving many of the dual challenges often encountered by people who were having hearing difficulties.  While at the same time providing these people with natural hearing with great comfort and cosmetic appeal.

The deployment of the “Totally Open Canal” technology, Vivatone hearing aids have reached a balance between high-performance audiology and comfort.

Vivatone’s open canal technology connects a high power processor behind the ear to a speaker directly in the ear. They have been able to defeat the typical “echo” and “plugged” sensation associated with these types of units. Recognized within the industry for pioneering the concept of improving their customer’s lives. Vivatone has two hearing aid models with several hearing aids all using this “Totally Open Canal” technology:

Vivatone Hearing Aids Reviews Models:

Entre Plus 550: This Vivatone hearing aid is very discreet but has a somewhat shorter battery life of 80 hours.
Entre Plus 450: This Vivatone hearing aid has an automatic directional microphone that picks up sound where you want it. This has a significantly longer battery life of approximately 160 hours.

Entre Plus Models: These are all available for purchase in beige, champagne, silver, and charcoal color.

Vivatone Hearing Aids Reviews Features

Features of these models include:

  • An enhanced fitting range and long battery life.
  • Fewer channels than the higher models.
  • Automatic directional microphone with six programming bands for remembering your settings.
  • Baseline option with fewer channels but still great battery life (160 hours).
  • Enhanced anti-feedback technology clears up the sound.

Vivatone is very proud of their longstanding tradition as a hearing aid maker, and they do a remarkably good job of describing their unique approach to making hearing aids. If you are somebody that is interested in learning more the hearing aids they manufacture, schedule an appointment with your ear doctor. Not only does this company provide a lot of support to the professionals to interact with patients on a day-to-day basis, but you may also qualify for certain promotional discounts that are made available to ear doctors on a regular basis in an effort to help people get the hearing aids that they need.


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