Starkey SoundLens: An Invisible Digital Hearing Aid with Premium Technology

Updated November 4, 2016 – Starkey Labs SoundLens hearing aid is the company’s premier invisible custom digital hearing aid. This Starkey hearing aids features the company’s best technology in an invisible style. The Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) hearing aid is custom-fit to the user’s ear, and is designed to fit in the second bend of the ear canal. It is designed to be removed on a daily basis, helping to promote better ear health. The Starkey hearing aid features technology that eliminates whistling and buzzing, and allows for comfortable and enjoyable phone conversations.

Starkey SoundLens Hearing Aids Technology
  • PureWave Feedback Eliminator eliminates virtually all buzzing and whistling that may be present in some other hearing aids. This advanced technology provides up to 28dB of added stable gain, helping to make open ear fittings available to a wider number of hearing aid users.
  • Voice iQ2 technology enhances the noise reduction capability of the device. It helps to reduce background noise, while maintaining speech, helping to make conversations easier.  This also helps to reduce listening effort and cognitive fatigue. This technology provides up to 20dB of background noise reduction.
  • Spectral iQ is a solution for users with steeply sloping, high-frequency hearing loss. This technology is designed to intelligently identify high-frequency vocal cues, and replicate them in lower frequencies, enhancing audibility for the user. This technology helps to aid hearing aid users who may have been previously considered unaidable.
  • T2 Remote Control technology allows users to adjust the settings of his or her hearing aid with any touch-tone phone, or cell phone. This technology discreetly classifies the phone’s signal and automatically allows the user to adjust the hearing aid’s volume, or select a memory.
  • Automatic Telephone Solutions (ATS) makes having conversations on the telephone much more pleasant for those with hearing aids. This technology automatically detects the user’s telephone use, and adjusts the hearing aid to the optimal settings for telephone listening.
  • Music and Television Processing technology makes listening to these devices much more enjoyable. A new memory program allows for better performance while watching television, while numerous music genre settings are designed to optimize sound quality, and the user’s listening enjoyment.
  • Convenient Intuitive Features of the hearing aid provide the user with vocal, and tonal indicators of the status of his or hearing aid, as well as its battery.
The Starkey SoundLens 11 hearing aid provides a maximum output of up to 30dB reduction in 2dB steps, although the range varies by channel. Its compression threshold is 24dB in 4dB steps. It runs on a size 10 battery.


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