A Review of the Rexton Stream+: An Open-Fit, In-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Updated November 1, 2016 – Rexton hearing aids Stream+ hearing aid is a comfortable hearing aid designed to sit in the helix of the user’s outer ear. It provides an occlusion-free, custom-feeling and open fit to the user. This Rexton hearing aid is available in multiple colors, allowing users to find the hearing aid that works best for them. The Stream+ hearing aid can be connected to the user’s electronic devices, providing enhanced, and easier, listening.

The technology available in the Stream+ hearing aid allows users to enjoy the world around them, and experience hearing quality that they have not experienced before. Some of this technology in the Stream+ hearing aid includes:

Rexton Stream+ Hearing Aid Technologies
  • Automatic Noise Reduction: This advanced noise-cancelling technology allows users to hear better in noisy situations. It does this by isolating distracting background noise, as well as speech sounds. The hearing aid automatically reduces the sound of the background noise, while it enhances the speech sounds, helping to make conversations, especially in noisy environments, much easier.
  • Sound Radiance: This feature brings high-pitched hearing to those who may have lost it. It enhances the perception of high frequency sounds, helping to provide the user with a rich, broad sound spectrum. This allows for enhanced enjoyment of music, and more natural sounding speech.
  • Feedback Preventer: This feature helps reduce the whistling that can sometimes occur while talking on the phone, or while listening to music with headphones. The hearing aid detects this feedback sound, and eliminates it, even before it is noticed by the hearing aid wearer.
  • SoundSmoothing: This feature makes hearing harsh, impulsive sounds more comfortable, by automatically softening them. This makes hearing crashing or clanging sounds less unpleasant.
  • Automatic Environment Manager: This feature of the Stream+ hearing aids automatically analyzes the listening environment of the user, and adjusts the appropriate features to provide users with the best hearing quality possible. This provides users with the optimum sound quality, without having to make continuous manual adjustments to his or her hearing aid.
  • Blu Link: This feature allows for compatibility with Rexton’s Mini Blu and Blu RCU accessories. These accessories allow users to stream audio to his or her device, and also allow users to make quick and easy adjustments to the hearing aids themselves.
  • Wireless Assistant: This feature allows for the best sound quality possible, and the easiest use of the user’s hearing aid. It eliminates the potential differences that could be present in important features from hearing aid to hearing aid.
The Rexton Stream+ hearing aid is compatible with some other hearing aid accessories that allow for convenient control of the device, as well as enhanced hearing of the user’s electronics.

Mini Blu RCU

This accessory made by Rexton is a very small, Bluetooth connectable device that delivers the audio from the user’s electronic devices in stereo sound (it can be heard in both ears). This allows users to hear the audio from their telephones, stereos, radios, MP3 players, and more, directly in his or her ears. With a 30 foot range, users can watch television wherever they please. Additionally, with the Mini Blu RCU, users can use their hearing aids as headsets for accepting calls on their mobile phones. With this device, two connections can be made at once, allowing users to switch between hearing the audio of a pair of electronic device, the telephone and the television, for example.


This small, Bluetooth compatible multi-use device allows users to control his or her hearing aid’s functions wirelessly. At the same time, the device allows users to stream high quality audio to their hearing aid from their electronic devices in stereo sound.

rexton stream



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