The Completely-In-The-Canal Rexton Pico: An Invisible, High-Quality Hearing Aid

The Rexton hearing aid company’s Pico hearing aid is a Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) hearing device designed to fit deeper into the second bend of the user’s ear canal, making it completely invisible, and also remaining comfortable. This hearing aid is Rexton’s most discreet, and smallest hearing aid, with a faceplate that is only 11 mm tall. These invisible, discreet Rexton hearing aids are designed to require fewer manual adjustments than some other hearing aids, allowing users to maneuver between numerous different hearing environments easily and seamlessly.

This hearing aid is available in three colors to match several skin tones, so users can find the hearing aid that is right for them. Additionally, its numerous features allow for high-quality, enhanced hearing.

Rexton Pico Hearing Aid Features
  • Automatic Noise Reduction: This advanced feature automatically reduces the background noise that can become cumbersome with some hearing devices. At the same time, the hearing aid picks out speech signals, and enhances them, making them much easier to hear. This allows conversations in noisy environments to be much easier, and much more comfortable.
  • Sound Radiance: This feature enhances the user’s hearing of high-pitched sounds, allowing users to experience a fuller spectrum of sounds, for enhanced listening enjoyment. This can make listening to music a much more pleasurable experience.
  • Feedback Preventer: This advanced technology eliminates the hearing aid’s feedback before it can be heard by those around the user, and even by the user themselves. This feature can provide additional enjoyment to conversations on the phone, where feedback can often be a problem.
  • SoundSmoothing: This feature softens occasional impulsive sounds like glass breaking, making them less painful to hear.
  • Windnoise Cancellation: This feature can deliver enhanced enjoyment to those who enjoy the outdoors, but who also wear a hearing aid. The wind sound in the user’s ear can often become loud and overwhelming. With the Pico hearing aid’s windnoise cancellation technology, this sound is reduced, and users can enjoy other outdoor sounds.
rexton pico


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