A Review of the Receiver-In-The-Canal and In-The-Ear Rexton Bridge+ Hearing Aids

Updated November 4, 2016 – Rexton hearing aids Bridge+ hearing devices are a series of Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) or In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing devices that deliver both, a comfortable fit, and reliable performance to users. The RIC units of this series come in a variety of different colors to match hair and skin tones of just about any potential user. Although the styles of the Bridge+ hearing aids vary, the technology available is the same for each device.

Rexton Bridge+ Hearing Aid Features
  • Wireless Technology: This feature allows users of the Bridge+ hearing aids to make easy adjustments to multiple hearing devices at the same time with just one touch. This makes volume and program adjustments much easier for those wearing binaural hearing instruments.
  • Rechargeability: This series of hearing aids are compatible with either standard, or rechargeable batteries. Because these devices can be recharged, users do not have to worry about his or her hearing aid’s batteries running out at an inconvenient time. After a nightly charge, the devices are ready to be worn the entire next day.
  • Automatic Environment Management: This advanced feature constantly adjusts the hearing aid’s settings based on the user’s current sound environment. This helps eliminate the need to make manual adjustments to the device when moving between several different listening environments.
  • Sound Radiance: This feature delivers high-frequency hearing to users who may have lost it. With the return of higher sounds, users are provided with a fuller spectrum of sounds, for more true-to-life hearing of music, speech, and other sounds.
  • Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone: This advanced microphone technology helps deliver improved speech hearing, especially in noisy environments where multiple people are talking at the same time.
  • Automatic Noise Reduction: This feature also helps to improve speech hearing in noisy environments. The hearing aid pinpoints background noise and softens it. At the same time, it enhances speech, making conversations in these noisy situations much easier.
  • Feedback Preventer: This feedback-cancellation technology eliminates the annoying whistling that can sometimes occur in hearing devices without this feature. Whistling can often occur while talking on the phone. However, with the Bridge+ hearing aids, this is not an issue, and phone conversations can be much more enjoyable.
In addition to its wide array of advanced technology, the Rexton Bridge+ hearing aids are also compatible with the company’s line of hearing aid accessories. These accessories allow for convenient use, easy volume and program adjustments, and enhanced hearing of electronic devices.

Rexton’s Charger

With the Rexton Bridge+ hearing aids, users do not have to worry about drained batteries in the devices at inconvenient times. Each night, the devices can be charged for 6 to 8 hours as the users sleep, allowing them to be used for the entire following day. Additionally, the charger features a dryer that removes moisture from the hearing aid, which can help extend its life.

Rexton’s Remote Control

This easy-to-use, inconspicuous device allows users to make quick adjustments to the volume or program settings of his or her Bridge+ hearing aid. Because of its small size, nobody will know an adjustment is being made to the user’s hearing device.


This is a small, Bluetooth compatible accessory made by Rexton with two major functions. First, the device acts as a remote control for the Bridge+ hearing aids, allowing users to make volume and program setting changes to the device. The Blue RCU also allows users to stream audio in stereo sound (in both ears) from their television, MP3 player, telephone, and other electronics, directly to his or her hearing aids.

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