Rexton Arena: An Entry-Level, Basic Digital Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Updated November 2, 2016 – The Rexton hearing aid Arena is a basic Behind-The-Ear (BTE) digital hearing device that delivers flexibility that is not typically found with conventional analog hearing devices. The Arena hearing aid provides users with basic listening needs, is both reliable as well as affordable. This Rexton hearing aids device is available in a variety of product levels for just about any users, with a wide range of hearing loss. The features of the Arena hearing aid include:

Rexton Arena Hearing Aid Features
  • Feedback Cancellation: This advanced feature is designed to eliminate annoying whistling in the user’s hearing aid before it is noticed by those around the user, or by the user themselves. By eliminating this feedback, users can have enjoyable phone conversations, where feedback can tend to be a problem with other hearing aids.
  • Program Change Signal: This feature automatically adapts the intensity of the hearing aid’s program change indicator beep to the user’s current listening environment. For example, in a loud environment, the program change signal will be loud. In a quiet environment, the program change signal will be softer.

rexton arena


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