A Review of Phonak’s Audéo S Series of Advanced Hearing Aids

Updated November 4, 2016 – The Phonak Audéo S hearing aids are highly advanced hearing systems that come in multiple award-winning designs. This series of Phonak hearing aids will suit all but those with profound hearing loss. These easy-to-use hearing systems are available in multiple discrete, or vibrant colors. The Phonak hearing aid series comes with hearing instruments with multiple levels of performance, including the Audéo S Premium (IX), Audéo S Advanced (V), Audéo S Standard (III), and the Audéo S Essential (I). While the technology available in each level of performance will vary, the technology included in the Audéo S series includes:

Phonak Hearing Aids Audéo S Technology
  • StereoZoom: A noise reduction technology that allows the user to hear more comfortably in noisy environments.
  • UltraZoom: This technology enables the user to hear a conversation amongst several people by focusing on multiple voices in front of them. Unwanted background noise is simultaneously reduced, allowing for more comfortable hearing.
  • auto ZoomControl: This technology is especially useful in automobiles, where the user cannot directly face the person he or she is talking to. It allows the user to zoom to any direction, or behind them, for easier hearing.
  • FlexControl: This provides users with an increase in volume and clarity, allowing them to focus their attention on what they want to.
  • FlexVolume: This allows users to make quick adjustments to his or her hearing system. It lets users hear what they want more easily.
  • SoundFlow: This technology provides users with the ability to move between environments with seamless adaptation. Users can move from listening to music, to having a conversation, and the hearing systems will automatically adjust themselves to the appropriate listening program and volume settings.
  • SoundRecover: This feature allows users to experience a wider, fuller spectrum of sounds, from low-frequency sounds, to high pitched, high-frequency sounds. This provides the user with a more enhanced listening experience in any environment.
  • WhistleBlock Technology: This feedback reduction system completely eliminates the annoying whistling that sometimes occurs in some hearing aids, especially during phone conversations.
  • DuoPhone: This advanced technology allows users, with the push of a button, to hear the caller’s voice in both ears, allowing for much easier hearing during phone conversations.
  • Real Ear Sound: The Audéo S series hearing aids provide the user with more natural sound orientation. By mimicking the way the ear naturally hears, the hearing systems allow users to locate sounds much more easily.
  • NoiseBlock Processing: A noise cancelling technology that allows for more comfortable hearing in background noise.
  • EchoBlock: This allows for more comfortable, and easier hearing in echoey environments.
  • WindBlock: This technology provides the user with more comfortable hearing outdoors. It reduces the annoying sound of wind that the user hears.
  • SoundRelax: This technology allows the user to focus his or her attention on what they want, by reducing annoying and unwanted background sounds, such as motor and fans.
  • QuickSync: This technology allows users to wirelessly control two hearing instruments with just one touch. A volume or program adjustment to one hear automatically results in the change to the opposite.
  • Acoustically Optimized Venting: A technology available for custom hearing systems, and Behind-The-Ear hearing systems, it allows for maximum comfort, and minimum occlusion of the user’s ear.

The Phonak Audéo S series (Audéo S YES and Audéo S SMART) of hearing aids are also compatible with a wide range of accessories and FM transmitters and receivers from Phonak.

Phonak Hearing Aids Audéo S Series Accessories
  • Phonak ComPilot: This provides users with the ability to wirelessly control his or her hearing aid. It also provides users with easy access to the audio from their television, MP3 player, phones, and other electronics. This remote allows for convenient program and volume changes.
  • Phonak iCom: Allows for wireless connection of the user’s hearing aid to his or her television, telephone, MP3 players, computers, and other electronic devices with audio.
  • Phonak TVLink S: This dedicated television hearing solution delivers very fast transmission from the television directly to the user’s hearing device, in stereo sound. It can be set up in less than one minute.
  • PilotOne: An easy-to-use remote control to allow for discreet volume and program changes.
  • myPilot: A command center for quick control of the user’s hearing device, as well as its status information.
  • SmartLink+: This Dynamic FM transmitter is designed for teens and adults. It provides the user with 3 microphone modes, including SuperZoom, Zoom, and Omni, which varies depending on the hearing needs of the user. It is Bluetooth compatible, and provides the user with remote control of their hearing aid.
  • ZoomLink+: A Dynamic FM transmitter designed for teens and adults. Like the SmartLink+, the ZoomLink+ features 3 microphone modes, an audio input, as well as SoftLanding technology, which transmits sound directly to the user’s ears.
  • EasyLink+: This Dynamic FM transmitter is intended to be easy-to-use. Built for teenagers and adults, it features a single Zoom microphone mode that can be configured by the user’s hearing professional. This transmitter also features SoftLanding technology.
  • inspiro: A Dynamic FM transmitter that is designed for use by teachers in regular or special schools. It transmits audio directly to the wearer’s ears, allowing for easier hearing.
  • MLxi: A Universal Dynamic FM receiver compatible with all of Phonak’s FM transmitters. It is compatible with most BTE hearing devices, and cochlear implants.


As was mentioned earlier, this technology is just a sample of the technology available in the Audéo S series hearing aids. Not all features will be available in all hearing aids. However, the technology available for each individual hearing system is listed below.

Phonak Audéo S Premium:

Features for hearing in background noise:

  • Ultrazoom Premium
  • StereoZoom
  • auto ZoomControl
  • NoiseBLock

Feature for hearing speech more clearly:

  • SoundRecover

Features that Allow for Easier Adaptation to Changing hearing environments:

  • FlexControl
  • SoundFlow Premium
  • EchoBlock
  • WindBlock
  • WhisteBlock Technology
  • QuickSync

Features that allow for easier hearing of electronic devices:

  • iCom
  • TVLink
  • DuoPhone

Available models of the Audéo S Premium include:

  • Audéo S MINI: The smallest Phonak hearing device ever built. TVLink is not compatible with the MINI hearing aid. It is available in 12 colors.
  • Audéo S SMART: Allows for wireless connection to the user’s television, MP3 players, and telephones. This device is manually controlled. It is available in 12 colors.
  • Audéo S YES: Allows for wireless connection to a variety of electronics. This hearing system has an award-winning design. It is available in 17 colors.


phonak Audeo mini



phonak audeo s yes




Audéo S Advanced Features That Allow For Easier Hearing In Background Noise:
  • UltraZoom Advanced
  • ZoomControl
  • NoiseBlock Processing
  • Features that allow for better hearing in changing environments:
  • SoundFlow Advanced
  • WindBlock
  • WhistleBlock Technology

Feature that allows for better speech understanding:

  • SoundRecover

Features that allow for better electronic device listening:

  • iCom
  • TVLink

Available Models for Audéo S Advanced:

  • Audéo S MINI
  • Audéo S SMART
  • Audéo S YES


Phonak Audéo S Standard

Features that allow for better hearing in background noise:

  • UltraZoom Standard
  • NoiseBlock Processing

Features that allow for easy adaptation to changing environments:

  • SoundFlow Standard
  • WhisteBlock Technology

Feature that allows for better speech understanding and clarity:

  • SoundRecover

Features that allow for easier hearing of electronic devices:

  • iCom
  • TVLink

Available Models for Audéo S Standard

  • Audéo S YES


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