A Review of Phonak’s Ambra Behind-The-Ear and micro Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Phonak Ambra hearing aids, by the Phonak hearing aid company, are advanced standard and micro hearing systems that are designed for those with mild to profound hearing loss. These high-performance Phonak hearing aids are available in custom and instant In-The-Ear (ITE), micro Behind-The-Ear (micro BTE), and standard Behind-The-Ear (BTE) styles. Both, the micro, and the standard BTE styles are available in 17 different colors, to suit the tastes of any users.

BTE & Micro BTE Colors

phonak ambra

In addition to being highly customizable, the Phonak Ambra hearing aids are also packed with innovative technology that helps users hear easier, and more comfortably. A specific technology that makes understanding speech better is built into each hearing device.

Phonak Ambra Hearing Aids Are Designed For Many Environments
  • SoundRecover: this technology provides the user with a fuller spectrum of audible sounds. This allows for a more enjoyable experience when having conversations, listening to music, or enjoying nature.
  • UltraZoom Premium: This allows for advanced hearing in crowded, noisy environments. This technology automatically zooms in on multiple voices in front of the user, emphasizes them, and makes them easier to hear. At the same time, this technology reduces background noise to the side and rear of the user.
  • StereoZoom: This feature offers excellent noise reduction in noisy environments, allowing for easier conversations in noise.
  • auto ZoomControl: This technology is ideal for hearing conversations where the user cannot directly face the person he or she is talking to, in car for example. It allows users to zoom to any direction, allowing for better hearing from any direction.
  • NoiseBlock: This processing technology delivers fantastic comfort in noisy environments. It automatically suppresses undesired background noise without reducing the conversation that the user actually wants to hear.
  • FlexControl: This technology gives users a more personalized increase in their volume and clarity of his of her hearing, allowing for softer, or louder hearing.
  • SoundFlow Premium: This allows users to enjoy seamless and automatic adaptation to their environment regardless of what they need to hear. The hearing aids automatically adjust themselves to music, quiet conversations, or a conversation in a loud environment. 
  • EchoBlock: This technology allows users to hear better in environments with a great deal of echoing present.
  • WindBlock: This technology suppresses wind noise, and increase the user’s hearing comfort outdoors.
  • WhistleBock: This technology reduces the unwanted, annoying feedback present in some older models of hearing systems. This eliminates annoying feedback on the phone, making phone conversations more pleasant.
  • Real Ear Sound: This advanced technology allows users to hear their environment more naturally, by simulating the action of their own pinna. This technology allows for more advanced pinpointing of sounds.
  • QuickSync: This intuitive, convenient technology allows users to adjust both hearing devices, with one touch. When the left hearing device is adjusted, for example, the right one is adjusted as well.
  • DuoPhone: This allows for easier, and more comfortable phone conversations, with much less mental fatigue. With just the push of a button, the user can hear their conversation in both ears.
  • iCom: This allows for wireless connection to the user’s television, mobile phone, MP3 player, or personal computer. This technology wireless streams the audio directly to the hearing aid, for more advanced hearing.
  • Phonak TVLink: The user’s television can be heard directly through the hearing device, at a volume comfortable for the user. Because of this, the user’s friends and family can also watch the television at a volume comfortable for them. This technology provides the user with stereo sound that can be transmitted up to 30 meters. Additionally, with its plug-and-play capability, this can be set up in about one minute.

Phonak Ambra hearing systems are also compatible with numerous other accessories and FM transmitters, including the Phonak PilotOne, the ML15i, ML13i, myPilot, MyLink+, MLxi, insprio, SmartLink+, ZoomLink+, and EasyLink+.

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