Oticon Vigo Connect: A Mid-Level Family of Hearing Aids

Updated November 2, 2016 – Oticon Vigo Connect hearing aids are mid-level hearing devices with an advanced design, and numerous features that help users hear better in a variety of varying listening environments. Available in two product levels, multiple styles, and numerous colors, users can find the Oticon Vigo Connect hearing device that is right for them. The Oticon Vigo Pro Connect hearing system is the more advanced model of the Vigo Connect series. The Vigo Connect is the more basic hearing device of the series, but still provides users with many advanced features. Vigo Connect Oticon hearing aids are available in Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC), In-The-Canal (ITC), In-The-Ear (ITE), Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Mini Power BTE, Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE), and RITE Power.

Features Of The Oticon Vigo Pro Connect Hearing Aid
  • Multi-Band Adaptive Directionality: This feature provides users with directionality in a variety of listening situations. This can help make conversations in noisy environments much easier, by allowing the user to focus on speech sounds. At the same time, this feature suppresses multiple noise sources simultaneously, so background noise is not as distracting.
  • TriState Noise Management: This feature help reduce background noise that can make in-noise speech understanding much more difficult. It uses voice-detection technology called “VoiceFinder” to automatically move between three different states, which helps preserve speech intelligibility.
  • Volume Control Learning: This feature allows the user’s Vigo Connect hearing device to automatically adjust the volume settings in specific sound environments to match the user’s previous behavioral patterns. This lets users make fewer adjustments to his or her listening devices.
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager: This technology lets the hearing aids automatically increase gain over time, helping to reduce fine tuning sessions by increasing the device’s flexibility.
  • ConnectLine Compatibility: Oticon’s ConnectLine provides users with wireless access to a variety of electronic devices, including phones, televisions, MP3 players, computers, and other electronic devices.
  • DecisionMaker 2: This feature uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically adjust the user’s hearing aid’s settings to match his or her current listening environment. This feature also helps reduce the need to make frequent adjustments to the hearing aid’s settings.
  • Dynamic Feedback Cancellation: This feature automatically eliminates feedback before it can be noticed by the user or those around them. This allows users to have more enjoyable conversations on the phone, a listening situation in which this annoying whistling can often occur.
  • Front Focus: Users are provided with better sound location with the Vigo Connect hearing aids thanks to the Front Focus feature. This feature helps users more easily determine if a sound is coming from in front, or behind the user.
  • Wind Noise Protection: This technology can help Vigo Pro Connect and Vigo Connect users enjoy their time outside again. The wind sound in the user’s hearing aid that can become cumbersome is substantially reduced, letting users focus their attention on other sounds.
  • AutoPhone: This feature detects when the user is on the telephone, and automatically adjusts the Vigo Connect hearing aid’s settings accordingly.
Features Of The Oticon Vigo Connect Hearing Aid
  • Single-Band Adaptive Directionality
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager
  • ConnectLine Compatibility
  • DecisionMaker 2
  • Dynamic Feedback Cancellation
  • Front Focus
  • Wind Noise Protection
  • AutoPhone
  • Modulation-Based Noise Management
The Vigo Connect series of hearing aids are compatible with Oticon hearing aid accessories, providing users with a variety of hearing options for numerous situations. These ConnectLine accessories include the Streamer, ConnectLine TV Adapter, ConnectLine Microphone, and the ConnectLine Phone Adapter.

The Streamer is a small device designed to provide users with wireless access to a variety of his or her electronic devices, either directly, or through another ConnectLine product. When used with a mobile phone, Oticon’s Streamer allows users to have hands-free phone conversations that can be heard in both ears, as the user’s hearing aids are used as ear pieces. The device can be connected to multiple electronics as well, so users can switch between hearing the audio of several devices without having to reconnect. With its remote control functions, users can also adjust the settings of his or her hearing aid very easily.

Connectline TV Adapter
This television-specific hearing solution is designed to connect to the audio output of any television, and stream audio wirelessly, directly to the user’s Vigo Connect hearing aids. This device lets users watch television at a volume that he or she can easily hear, while their family watches at a volume that is comfortable for them. Additionally, with its 30 foot range, users can listen to the television even if they have to leave the room.

ConnectLine Microphone
This small, discreet microphone is designed to be worn by the person the Vigo Connect user is talking to. It can help make conversations much easier to hear, especially those in noise. With its built-in noise-cancellation technology, background noise is reduced, allowing the conversation to be much more audible. This device transmits audio from up to 15 yards away directly to the user’s hearing aids.

ConnectLine Phone Adapter
This device allows the user’s standard landline telephone to act as a wireless Bluetooth mobile phone. While in use, the phone’s signal is sent up to 30 feet to the user’s Streamer. The streamer allows users to answer the telephone from anywhere within this range. Additionally, the user’s Vigo Connect hearing aids can act as wireless ear pieces, allowing users to make hands-free calls.

Available styles of the Vigo Connect and Vigo Pro Connect hearing aids:

oticon vigo


Available colors of the Vigo Connect and Vigo Pro Connect:

oticon vigo


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