Oticon’s High Performance Safran Hearing Aids

Updated November 2, 2016 – Oticon Safran hearing aids are a complete family of mature, mid-level, high performance hearing aids designed to suit users with any hearing range, from mild, to severe-to-profound. With Artificial Intelligence featured in these Oticon hearing aids, they can make automatic adjustments based on the user’s current listening environment. This can help ensure that users have the best sound quality in their Oticon Safran hearing aids possible, without having to make manual adjustments to the devices. This Oticon hearing aid comes in a wide variety of styles, including Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC), In-The-Canal (ITC), In-The-Ear (ITE), and Behind-The-Ear (BTE). These hearing devices are even well-suited to fit children.

Features Of The Oticon Safran Hearing Aid
  • Noise Management System: This technology helps make loud environments slightly more comfortable for the Safran wearer. Loud environments, like crowded restaurants, or driving in a car, can become mentally exhausting, and can make conversations very difficult. With this noise-cancellation technology, users are significantly less overwhelmed by the background noise around them.
  • Sound Location: This feature can help users pinpoint sounds in his or her environment, something that can often be lost with some hearing aids.
  • Open-Ear Acoustics Technology: Some hearing aids can leave the user’s ear feeling plugged. As a result, the user’s voice sounds much different from normal. This feature helps ensure that the user’s ear always feels natural, and not plugged, and their voice will remain sounding normal to them.
  • Automatic Anti-Whistling System: This feedback-cancelling technology eliminates the annoying whistling that can occur in some hearing aids without this technology. This whistling, which can often occur while adjusting the volume, or while talking on the phone, can make phone conversations very unpleasant. With this feature, users can talk to his or her friends and family with much more confidence.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This advanced technology continuously analyzes the user’s sound environment, and adjusts the hearing aids’ settings automatically. This eliminates the need to make numerous adjustments when moving from one sound environment to another.
  • Adaptive Directionality: This feature can help make in-noise conversations a much easier task. The technology focuses on sounds in front of the user, while dampening sounds to the side and rear, so they are less audible.
Styles of the Oticon Safran hearing aids:

oticon safran

Top Row (left to right): BTE Power, BTE, Full Shell 13

Bottom Row (left to right): ITC 312, ITC 10, Half-Shell/Low Profile 312, CIC 


Colors of the Oticon Safran BTE hearing aids:


This isn’t the only model we have, see the other Oticon Hearing Aids.

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