Oticon Delta Hearing Aids: Delivering Hearing to Those With High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Updated November 2, 2016 – Oticon’s Delta hearing aids are a mature hearing product designed for individuals with high-frequency, or mild hearing losses up to 80dB. Available in three different performance levels–Delta 4000, Delta 6000, and Delta 8000–the Oticon hearing aids device provide users with enhanced in-noise speech hearing and understanding. These Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) hearing devices are packed with numerous features that can help provide users with more natural hearing. Additionally, since they are RITE devices, they can be worn very comfortably by just about anyone. Each line of the Oticon Delta series comes with unique features, allowing users to choose exactly what they want from his or her Oticon hearing aid.

Features Of The Oticon Delta 8000 Hearing Aid
  • Automatic Multi-Band Adaptive Directionality: This feature uses four frequency bands that provide effective directionality in a variety of listening situations. Additionally, it is capable of reducing background noise from multiple directions at the same time, helping to make in-noise conversations much easier and more enjoyable.
  • TriState Noise Management with VoiceFinder: This feature allows users to move seamlessly between three different states, providing users with the maximum comfort, and highest speech intelligibility.  VoiceFinder is an advanced voice location technology that makes in-noise conversations much easier.
  • Automatic and Manual Adaptation Manger: With this features, users have the option of allowing his or her hearing aid to automatically and gradually increase its gain over time, allowing for enhanced flexibility, and reducing fine tuning sessions later.
Features Of The Oticon Delta 6000 Hearing Aid
  • Automatic Adaptive Directionality
  • Modulation-Based Noise Management
  • Adaptation Manager
Features Of The Oticon Delta 4000 Hearing Aid
  • Automatic Directionality
  • Modulation-Based Noise Management
  • Adaptation Manager

Available colors of the Oticon Delta RITE hearing aid:


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