Best Hearing Aid Storage Box for 2020

Updated: August 19, 2020 Taking proper care of your hearing aid is an important part of protecting your investment and extending the life of your hearing aid.  While there are a variety of storage options available, including keeping your hearing device in uncooked rice, a hearing aid storage box ensures that you are protected from the following various types of damage.

Hearing Aid Case Keeps you Protected

Best hearing aid storage box

Protect Your Hearing Aid from Dirt & Earwax 

Both dirt and earwax can accumulate in your hearing aid, which can lead to a buildup of bacteria.  Proper maintenance and storage can help prevent dirt and dust.

Keep Moisture out of your Hearing Aid

Moisture build-up in your hearing aids can cause them to stop functioning properly.  This is often caused by exposure to rain or exceptionally humid environments, sweat or perspiration from exercise and due to damage to the hearing aid.  

Control the Temperature

Exposing you HA to extreme heat or cold can cause a variety of problems, including condensation, corrosion and/or damage to the hearing aid battery.

Be Careful around Pets & Children

As with all small objects, you’ll want to store your hearing aid away from children, dogs, cats and other pets, as they can pose as a choking hazard.

Types of Hearing Aid Boxes

There are a variety of hearing aid cases on the market to choose from.  If you live in a humid climate, you may want to consider storing your device in a hearing aid dehumidifiers.  

For those who travel often, hearing aid storage cases can help to protect your hearing device when packed into your carry-on or checked bag.  

The options of hearing aid cases available range from basic storage boxes to high-end Dry & Freshen options that deodorize your hearing aids while you sleep.  With so many selections, there is a BOX available to meet any hearing aid user’s needs.