Description and Review of Audibel’s Anthem XT Hearing Aid Family

Updated November 1, 2016 – Audibel hearing aids Anthem XT series of hearing aids are a variety of hearing devices that are filled with advanced features to deliver exceptional hearing in even the most difficult hearing situations. With its numerous different available styles, including a tiny mini Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) unit, users can get the hearing aid that is right for them.

Features Of The Audibel Anthem XT Hearing Aid
  • WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation: This feature helps make conversations on the phone a much more enjoyable experience, as it eliminates the annoying buzzing or whistling that can sometimes occur. This feedback can also occur when users make volume changes to his or her hearing aid. However, with the Anthem XT hearing aids, this is no longer an issue, and volume adjustments can be made without worry.
  • Active Noise Control: This feature is designed to make conversations in noisy environments much easier by reducing the sound of background noise in the user’s hearing aid. This helps users focus on what they want to hear, and ignore what they do not.
  • Superior Speech Locator: This feature helps the user’s hearing aids pinpoint speech sounds in the user’s environment, while it also minimizes other background noise around them. This can help make conversations in noisy environments easier.
  • Automatic Telephone Response: This feature detects when the user is talking on the telephone, and automatically adjusts the hearing aid’s settings to deliver the best sound quality possible.
  • Music and Television Processing: While listening to music or the television, the Anthem XT hearing aids automatically adjust to the user’s preset music and television listening settings that are most comfortable for them.
  • T2 Remote Control: This feature allows users to make quick and easy adjustments to the memory or volume of his or her hearing aid with the use of any touch-tone telephone.
  • HydraShield: This feature provides the Anthem XT hearing aids with added durability. This nanocoating technology provides protection from water, wax, oils, and other corrosive materials that could cause damage to the user’s hearing aids.
  • EZ Touch: This allows users to adjust the Anthem XT’s memory or volume with just the touch of a finger, without having to mess with tiny dials and buttons.
  • Active Frequency Control: This technology provides users with a fuller spectrum of sounds by replicating higher frequency sounds that are harder to hear into lower, easier to hear frequencies.
  • Self Learning: The Anthem XT hearing aids gradually, and automatically learn the user’s volume control preferences in a variety of different listening situations. This lets users move between varying sound environments without having to make any manual adjustments to his or her hearing device.
  • Convenient Intuitive Features: The Anthem XT hearing aids feature automatic vocal and tonal indicators that tell the user the status of his or her hearing aid, as well as its battery. This can help keep users from running out of batteries in their hearing aid at unexpected times.

Anthem XT Family

Anthem XT mini RIC

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