A Review of Affordable Phonak Dalia Hearing Aids

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Phonak’s Dalia hearing systems are the company’s essential line of hearing aids. These hearing systems are designed specifically for those seeking an affordable, yet effective solution to help enhance his or her daily communication abilities. They are available in 7 different styles, and as many as 17 different colors. These hearing aids are well-suited for those with mild, to profound hearing loss. With numerous styles to choose from, including custom and instant In-The-Ear (ITE), Behind-The-Ear (BTE), and micro Behind-The-Ear (micro BTE), the Dalia series of hearing systems will fit any user’s need.

In-The-Ear Faceplate Colors

Brown                     Cocoa Brown                        Pink                       Tan

In-The-Ear Shell Colors

Blue Transparent         Brown                        Cocoa Brown                Pink

Red Transparent               Tan                          Transparent                   White

Behind-The-Ear Colors


Beige                                 Black                       Chili Red                 Chocolate                  Dark Cliff Gray

Glacier Ice Gray           Light Blue            Light Pink                    Mid Cloud Gray               Mocha Taupe

Ocean Blue         Olive Green           Palladium Black            Pure Transparent         Purple Transparent

Safari Stripes                  Savannah Beauty

micro Behind-The-Ear Colors

Beige                                Black                      Chili Red                  Chocolate                  Dark Cliff Gray

Glacier Ice Gray              Light Blue                 Light Pink                Mid Cloud Gray             Mocha Taupe

Purple Transparent        Ocean Blue              Olive Green                Palladium Black          Pure Transparent

Safari Stripes             Savannah Beauty


Each Phonak Dalia hearing system comes with advanced technology that allows users to enjoy their lives more fully, and more comfortably. These technologies are aimed to provide more natural hearing ability, and reduce many of the inconveniences that are present in some other hearing devices.

  • SoundRecover: This technology allows users to enjoy a wider, fuller spectrum of sounds in his or her environment. This allows for a richer experience of the sounds of nature, music, or the user’s own family members.
  • WhisteBlock: This is a feedback-reducing technology designed to eliminate the annoying whistling that can occur when having phone conversations. Eliminating this unpleasant sound allows for much more enjoyable talking on the phone.
  • UltraZoom Essential: This technology allows users to carry on a conversation with multiple people in a crowded environment. When the user is having a conversation, this technology automatically zooms in on the desired sounds and emphasizes them, making them easier to hear. At the same time, this technology enhances background noise reduction from the side and rear of the user.
  • NoiseBlock Essential: This is an additional background noise reduction technology that allows users to ignore the annoying, unwanted sounds in his or her environments, like fans and motors, and pay attention to what is important, like friends and family.
  • Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV): This provides the user’s hearing system with less occlusion, and more comfort. This technology is available in the full range of custom hearing aids, as well as Behind-The-Ear hearing aid ear pieces.

The Phonak Dalia hearing aids are also compatible with technology that allows users to experience more in his or her environment.  Phonak’s FM Solutions include the company’s exclusive features that work together to deliver fantastic sound quality, and ease-of-use. These solutions provide easier hearing in many situations to those who may have previously had difficulty. They can also provide much easier, more comfortable hearing in noisy situations.

The company’s FM Receivers deliver industry-leading performance and features that help make effortless hearing a reality for more users.

  • MLxi: This universal FM receiver is compatible with all Behind-The-Ear hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • ML15i: Another universal FM receiver, this design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver is compatible with the M H20 model of the Dalia hearing aid series.
  • ML13i: Similar to the ML15i, this mini design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver is designed to work with the microP and SP hearing aids of the Dalia series.

Phonak also produces a variety of FM Transmitters that help direct audible sound to the hearing systems users from a variety of sources.

  • inspiro: This Dynamic FM transmitter is designed to allow a teacher’s voice to be carried loud and clear to a student’s hearing system.  This is an excellent solution for schools with students in hearing devices.
  • SmartLink+: A Dynamic FM transmitter designed for teenagers and adults. It features 3 microphone modes–SuperZoom, Zoom, and Omni–depending on the user’s hearing needs. This device features Bluetooth connectivity, and also allows for remote hearing aid control.
  • ZoomLink+: This Dynamic FM transmitter is designed for teens and adults. It also features 3 microphone modes, an audio input and SoftLanding technology, allowing sound to be brought directly to the user’s ears.
  • EasyLink+: An easy-to-use Dynamic FM transmitter designed for teenagers and adults. It features a single Zoom microphone mode that is configurable by a hearing professional. Like the ZoomLink+, this transmitter also features SoftLanding technology.

Available Behind-The-Ear models of the Dalia series:

  • Phonak Dalia M H20: features a water and dust-resistant housing for protection from sweat, humidity, and other moisture. It is designed for those with mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Phonak Dalia microM: designed for those with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.
  • Phonak Dalia microP: designed for those with mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Phonak Dalia SP: designed for individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss.

Available custom and instant In-The-Ear models of the Dalia series:

  • Phonak Dalia 10 Petite
  • Phonak Dalia 312 UZ Petite
  • Phonak Dalia 13 UZ Petite
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  1. Martin
    01 Sep 2012, 2:28 am

    I recently purchased Dalia BTE waterproof hearing aids. My first experience with hearing aids. I had no issues adapting and am very excited about the Dalia’s. My wife and friends voices sound natural – it is great to hear “everything”! They are comfortable and work super! They employ the latest in processor technology, yet are simple and hassle free. I thought that I would want to upgrade during the trial period, but see no need for that! They are wonderful!

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    • Hearing Aid Expert
      20 Sep 2012, 3:11 pm

      We are always pleased to hear success stories. There are several brands that offer this size of hearing aid and we have had many good reports from them.

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  2. karla
    06 Feb 2016, 6:22 pm

    Hello i would like to know how much are the hearing aid for dalia sp phonak 13

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