MSA30x Hearing Aid Reviews

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Now, you can hear clearly in restaurants and never miss another word on TV or at the movies! MSA 30x is a fully rechargeable hearing device that has been tested to help you hear up to 30 times better. It captures and amplifies sound waves with the latest Micro Sound Amplification technology, and remains discreet. At only 0.3 ounces, it is hardly visible  and features an ergo-acoustic and lightweight design that can barely be seen. The small size and flexible, clear tubing allows for form-fitting wear on either the right or left ear, without sacrificing comfort or subtle appearance.


This hearing amplifier is unlike any other devices that will cost you hundreds of dollars a year in battery replacement, and are difficult to change. The MSA is fully rechargeable– just plug the recharging station into the wall! Once your device is fully charged, you can take it anywhere. It cancels out excess noise, and you can adjust the built-in volume controls as you desire. Noisy bars, loud sports events, and social gatherings are no longer a struggle.

Perfect for hearing assistance anywhere, this little aid really works. It amplifies sound by up to 30 times, hence the name. Everyone knows that amplifiers are very expensive. The MSA hearing aid has seen so popular because it’s readily accessible and more affordable alternative. For only $29.95, you can is get an entire duplicate kit that includes the following:

- 2 (two) MSA30x ear pieces

- 2 (two) recharging stations

- 10 (ten) custom fit silicone ear-bud tips

- 2 (two) device cleaning brushes

It is not a hearing aide and does not claim to be. It is a sound amplifier that is listed by the FDA. The FDA advises anyone who suspects hearing loss to seek evaluation by a health care professional. Controls on device are for volume only, and will not alter the frequency of environmental noise or human voices. Consult a licensed doctor or ASHA certified audiologist to address any concerns regarding hearing loss and inner ear health.

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